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Our reward is our client’s success

Shutdown support comes in many forms. With this in mind, we employ and provide a range of support, from Shutdown Execution Specialists, Shutdown Planners and Shutdown Schedulers, to Shutdown Material Support and Shutdown Administration.

Our team members are extensively trained and well equipped to support your site team, from shutdown start to finish.


Think of us as your trusted shutdown partners and preferred source of support.

Specialised Shutdown Support services include:

  • Specialised shutdown support

  • Management

  • Coordination

  • Transparent communication

  • Scheduling and Planning

  • Administration and Logistical Support

  • Safety, compliance and quality assurance

  • Risk and hazard identification

  • Consulting

  • Process and procedure development including QA/QC development

  • Delivering post shut down report and findings

A fresh set of eyes to oversee your shutdown

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High level shutdown support

We provide high level support to the shutdown management framework, allowing you to focus on high risk works, with peace of mind that your shutdown is safe and compliant.

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Strong leadership

With a high level of interpersonal skills, and a strong focus on leadership, we have the ability to lead and engage with your team at an increased level. It’s at this level, that we achieve greater results, with a greater team, with a strong motivation to achieve them.

You can be assured that our will succeed will becomes theirs too.

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Staff Integration

We’ll align with your staff and integrate with your team, so you can think of us as more than a third party, but as an extension of your team.

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Technical background

Our staff all boast highly technical backgrounds, which is a huge asset to our clients.

This too, has been a pathway into our Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments and continued success.

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