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About Us

Your shutdown support partner

As WA’s leading shutdown support specialist, you can rely on us, as your trusted shutdown support partner, to help you achieve shutdown success.

With a unique service, high level of experience and focus on safety, we ensure every shutdown is completed successfully, at the highest quality level, on time and on budget.

The solution to your shutdown challenges

From extensive experience in senior shutdown roles, came the identification of a gap in the market and a noticeable need for a unique solution to safe shutdown support. This saw a team founded on plans built from hundreds of years of knowledge and experience in shutdown management.

For unique results, you require a unique solution. We understand that each industry and client have unique needs, so we tailor our service accordingly. 

With superior communication and stakeholder engagement capabilities, our shutdown support services have the unique ability to bring teams together, productively, collaboratively, and harmoniously. Our team strive for excellence and effectiveness in overseeing all disciplines of shutdown services that surpass industry standards in productivity and efficiency.

At Specialised Shutdown Support, we partner with you and become an extension of your team during peak periods. This approach removes the need for additional staff costs outside of shutdowns.

Why Specialised Shutdown Support is your solution

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Experience and expertise

With a high level of experience and expertise, our team provide specialised support, allowing you to focus on high risk works with peace of mind that your shutdown is both safe and compliant.

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An extension of your team

Teamwork is imperative at all times and is also key to shutdown success. With this in mind, our shutdown support team become an extension of yours, ensuring all roles work together with equal responsibility and the goal of collaborative and safe shutdown success.

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Our shutdown support staff are true leaders, with training in operational leadership in a broad range of industries, so you can rely on the very best support at every stage of your shutdown.

Their wealth of knowledge, communication skills, management style, conflict resolution techniques and more, all contribute to optimal motivation and training for your team.

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Safety is paramount and all our shutdown support comes with a strong commitment to focus on safety and ensure compliance.

We demonstrate health and safety best practice and comply with all client and site policies and procedures.

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We make it our mission to always deliver what we promise and find the solution to all your shutdown needs, with exceptional support.

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